Our services include flat rate and hourly pricing plans that support a tight budget and offer appointments on days, evenings and weekends to meet the time constraints of busy families.


Our consultant will personally visit the home or if desired, set up the meeting at another venue of choice to discuss the most pressing problems that families and loved ones face. For the next 1.5 hours, our consultant will listen and then present solutions and care options, along with providing specific information about area service providers and programs available that will best meet the needs of the client and family. We help families affirm the direction that will help resolve their concerns for present, and prepare for the future.

In addition to the information that the family shares with us, our solutions are based on: 

  1. Physical condition of the person in need and his or her caregiver, if present.

  2. Potential qualifiers for any federal, state, county, or local community programs.

  3. Home environment or other living areas in which modifications or adaptations can assist in better mobility and function.

  4. Support Systems: Family, friends, or neighbors who may (or may not) be available to support or participate in caring for the senior.

Level 1 Service

Our in-home service includes a 2 hour consultation along with the following added benefits:

In a nutshell: We do all the leg work of discerning the availability of the best quality services, and the clients get a full-scale report that has everything they need to make an informed decision and expedite getting the right help for their loved one.

  • After determining the options best suited for your loved one’s need, we develop a very detailed and printed individualized plan for your family to follow.

  • You get a step by step how-to guide to immediately reach already pre-screened providers that can meet the needs of your loved one's physical needs and financial resources. 

  • The detailed report also provides not just names of providers, but also the rates they charge, direct contact names of those who can help you set up the service, phone numbers and websites.

Level 2 Service

Our Care Managers carry out the desired service(s) you have chosen from your plan. Working as a liaison with your physicians, hospitals and service providers, we set up the care for your loved one. This full support option encompasses the coordination of all aspects of your service plan, including admission to a facility or the implementation of home care support. 

In addition to the coordination, we will visit the client when services begin and follow up with another visit 1 week after services have been in place to monitor the quality of care and provide interventions if necessary to improve client satisfaction.

We also offer:

  • Ongoing hourly support – services provided on an hourly basis to manage various aspects of care, provide interventions when needed, and help the family or loved one when there are changes to a situation or new needs arise.

  • Monitoring visits to check on your loved one’s condition and intervene when necessary to improve care at nursing homes or other facilities.

  • A facilitator for family meetings to raise important issues and discuss your loved one’s needs while promoting a spirit of harmony and cooperation.

  • Assessment of eligibility for free or subsidized programs provided by federal, state, county or local agencies.

  • Nursing consultations and care conferences, acting as liaison on behalf of the family or client working with physicians, hospitals and service providers to obtain the best care possible.

  • Attending doctor’s visits with client to provide advocacy, insight and support.

  • Administrative support services that help resolve billing issues and other time consuming tasks.

Monitoring Visits:

Our specialist will make unannounced visits at the facility where your loved one resides. We will note client condition, satisfaction, cleanliness, demeanor, and general quality of care provided. We will also make note in our report of your loved one’s clinical status given to us by the nurse or staff in charge. 

Family Meetings:

For those clients who wish to have our consultant facilitate a family meeting, we will work to engage all family members in the process of caring for their loved one. Not everyone has the strengths and talents to do everything. Let us show you how the work load can be shared by all involved. 

Clinical Consultation:

Do you need or want more information about your loved one’s illness, disability or care requirements? Our nurse consultant will explain in lay terms what you need to know, strategies for coping, or even give you a list of additional questions to ask your doctor so that you will get the very best care possible. 

Legal Consultation and Services:

Our legal services are offered by area Elder and Disability Law Firms at a substantial savings to our clients and attorneys will readily come to the home or facility setting – no need to come to an office. Flat rate pricing is available for legal documents drawn up for clients, such as living wills, advance directives, powers of attorney and guardianships. 

Administrative Support:

Whether you need help questioning and resolving medical bills, utility bills, or other problems, our consultant can assist you with those time-consuming and frustrating tasks. Services are billed in 15 minute increments and reported in log sheet form with activities, calls and outcomes clearly noted

Our personal pledge: Your loved one’s privacy will be protected and maintained at all times. All services are provided in accordance with HIPAA regulations. Information will only be released to the people who have the legal right to receive it.

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